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Medical Billing Services

Providing every client with the attention they deserve.

AR Recovery Servicesfor Your Business

Get rid of any accounting issues with our team’s assistance.

We are expert in the medical billing serviceindustry for over 20 years

Medical Billing Services

We offer a full range of comprehensive accounting services to companies throughout the US and European countries.

Medical Coding Services

This Service allows you to submit and view your tax returns and receive instant notification of the return receipt.

AR Recovery Services

Our company provides various financial services including insurance, wealth management, tax consulting etc.


We guarantee HIPAA-compliant software and adhere strictly to confidentiality. Our staff has quarterly HIPAA meetings to discuss the importance of security and the fast changing health care industry. We have zero tolerance for any breach of confidentiality. Our server is monitored and protected with the most up to date firewall, insuring that no confidential information will be shared. HIPAA only provides general security guidelines that are specific to health care providers. Physician's Choice is focused on being more than simply compliant. We are inherently compliant through being fundamentally secure. The challenges of data security are daunting. Access to health care records can come from any number of places. We take security seriously and have never had a security breach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accounting of a superior quality. The responsive, personal attention we ovide for each client, regardless how large or small, is the key to our approach.

  • Providing high-quality accounting
  • Sharing professional experience
  • Offering full support to all our clients
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Client Testimonial

- Glenn Volyn, MD

"During this time of poor reimbursement and frequent claim denial, Physician's Choice came to my assistance. With Ann and her helpful staff we were able to lower our accounts receivable and come out of a dubious year with positive numbers, to my amazement and appreciation. I can recommend Physician's Choice as a billing service without hesitation."

- Shann Ferch, PH.D.

"The people at Physician's Choice always do their best to get the greatest benefit for both clients and doctors. They are exceptional people to work with. The do their jobs better than any billing company I have ever been involved with. Thank you Physician's Choice!"